customizing my own web interface for displaying temperature

hi friends;
i am using Digi drop in networking kit for the work. i developed the python program using AT commands to acquire the temperature and light intensity from the XBee wall router. i am getting the acquired data on telnet interface.
now i just want to extend my work and i want to display the acquired data available in x4 gateway on HTML page. i am unable to understand digiweb and pythoninsideHTML usages. kindly help with some working examples… the Wiki page examples are not working properly.

it’s urget i have to finish my project.

thank you

I’m interested too.
Please answer!

The Digi ESP for Python can create a python 2.4.3 Dia application that will run on the CP-X4 gateway, and also has a Web (html) presentation available to access the device readings on the Gateway.

Please see this link to get the Digi ESP for Python: