data.send() writes data to DRM, but gives ETIMEOUT error

I’m using an xBee3 LTE-M/NB-IOT cellular device and writing data to DRM using library. Data writes to DRM, but the data.send() command, always generates an ETIMEOUT error.

Here is the code:

# Upload the samples to DRM.
data = cloud.DataPoints()
data.add(DATAPOINT_CL1_VAL, pressure)
data.add(DATAPOINT_VALVE, int(tank_valve_open))
data.add(DATAPOINT_BAT_VAL, batt_value)
drm_send_status = data.status()

I get the ETIMEOUT error after data.send() command, whether or not I include a timeout=30 or timeout=60 parameter in the data.send() command.

After the error, I check DRM and see that the 3 data points were successfully uploaded to DRM.

Is there a better way to check the status of the data.send() command?