DC 9.52 wrong cursor position

I’m a new Dynamic C user, and have just ported over an existing C application to run on a Rabbit 3110 module. I have not split the code into libraries, so it is rather long at this stage (about 15000 lines).

The problem I’m seeing is Dynamic C placing the cursor in the wrong position when showing warnings or errors during compile, as well as when single stepping through the code in debug mode.

From what I can see, Dynamic C positions the cursor one line below where it should be after 4096 lines of code. After 8192 lines, it is two lines low, etc. The first 4096 lines are OK.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Perhaps I should just split the code into modules, each of less than 4096 lines of code.

Thanks in advance.

I have now split the code into 4 parts, each with less than 4096 lines, and the cursor errors have disappeared.

So I guess there’s a DC bug with long files?

Anyone else running more than 4096 lines of code in one file?

I got an almost 12.000 line code that works fine. Put an error in last line and the compiler detected the line with any problem.

Already got another 9.000 line code and when I get an error compiling most times the line is wrong, some few lines below where the error is really located. In this case I cannot add watches variables depending on where is the debugger at the moment (some parts of code allows to add watches, some parts not).

Not a help for you, but maybe more information on the issue.