DCD and DSR timings


We are developing the software for a model of device which includes a Digi Connect ME (firmware 82001116_h.bin) in its hardware. The Digi operates as a client of a TCP/IP server. We control its connection to the server using the Digi’s DCD signal. We are also using DSR signal to switch to “RCI over serial”, so we can manage the Digi settings from the serial port controlled by the device.

But we are having some little problems. For example, if we are in “rci mode”, then we exit from it, and quickly we come back to it, the Digi doesn’t answer appropriately.
It would be also very important to us, know what amount of time we should wait when we switch from data communication to rci mode or from rci mode to data communication.

In short: we need to know, if it is possible, how to use precisely the DCD and DSR signals for data communication and the use of the RCI mode, in special its timings.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve noticed in my testing that you really need about a full second in between attempts. If you don’t, you’ll run into the issue where the device doesn’t know it needs to be in RCI mode.