DDS Middleware on Xbee Pro S2b

I have two laptops connected through Xbee Pro S2 RF modules. I want to run RTI Connext (a DDS based middleware) applications on two laptops that will communicate with each other (Full Duplex). Now, the application uses UDP transport and requires IP address to select the network interface of both sender and receiver for data transfer. Xbee uses USB port to connect to the computer. Is there any way I could connect Xbee module to the computer using Ethernet cable?

No, that product is not something you would use in that fashion. Instead, use the XBee WIFI modules. It will still connect via a COM port but it will allow for a WIFI connection with much higher data rates supported.

Thanks for your answer. Actually my assignment requires Zigbee connection between computers. I need to run some tests to measure, say, throughput, latency and jitter for a given application scenario. Yesterday I came across ConnectPort X device which is an Xbee Internet Gateway. I wonder whether it will act as an interface between Xbee Radio and laptop using Ethernet port. Any thoughts?

Yes it could be used in that fashion. But it also requires you to write a python application to control the flow of the data. It is not going to help you in this matter and actually would make it worse. Instead of trying to to use TCP, why don’t you use one of the Serial based protocols which are designed for this type of communications such as Zmodem or Xmodem,.