Deactivting chechsum

Hello digi team,

I need your heelp. I have made a network (one Tx and one Rx) and I just receive packets without errors. There is any way to receive all the packets (with and without errors), because I want to measure a Bi Error Rate (BER), or if there is another wy to get it, please tell me.


No, it is not possible with the firmware we provide.

You can check the checksum of the received packet. You’ll have to run the module in API mode to do this. Also, it won’t tell you specifically which bits are corrupted. It will just tell you that something in the packet is corrupted (most likely).

API receive packet structure here: pg. 63-64:

I know that, i just wanr to deactivate that funcition in order to receive that packets that are discarded for the checksum algorithm. Anyway thanks