Debian Jessie on Connect Core 6 ?

Hello all,

I am still working on running Jessie on the ConnectCore 6, and I am facing several problems.
My first approach is to run the digi’s yocto kernel a Jessie rootfs. Kernel and init correctly start but:
• Udev cannot start. It claims the mandatory devtempfs is missing ;
• After a while (after starting the cron deamon) Init tries all runlevels (3, 1, 5, 6, 2, 4) and complains “(runlevel id) respawining too fast: disabled for 5 minutes”
I have tried to modify the inittab, without success. I cannot get back any terminal. It seems the new systemd replacing the old fashion initd requires the dbus running, relies on the udev, which previously didn’t start…
So I have tried to build a new linux 4.0.0 with the devtempfs, but it seems to lack some drivers and panics just after successfully mounting the mmc1blk2 ext4 image on the rootfs.
Here are my questions:
• Is there a Jessie distribution ready for the ConnectCore6?
• Where can I find a complete linux 4.0.0 kernel configuration?
• Are there specifics drivers that are not integrated on vanilla kernel?
• What more did I miss?

Thank you very much, any help is welcome,

you can find Debian Jessie images for i.MX6 boards here:
some porting and device tree changes might be reqired to port to cc6 SBC

Digi Linux BSP is based on Freescale i.mx6 BSP and I do not think 4.0 Kernel has been ported to i.mx6 by freescale
some more info is here:

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Sorry for the late answer.

I am afraid I didn’t succeed to completely boot a Jessie distribution using these links.

Apparently the Kernel of the Digi’s Yocto
runs some modified drivers I don’t have on the vanilla 4.X ? In my understanding, the sdcard driver was modified and then I can not load it with the default driver ?

Is there a 4.0 linux support planned in the next months ?