Destination port is wrong

Hi there,

I am using a XBEE SB6 to broadcast it’s IO sample every 4 seconds which is working well.

If I send a UDP packet to the XBEE via wifi I can see (from wireshark) that the XBEE is responding and the source port is 0xbee (which is what is set in the XBEE config) but the packet is showing a ‘random’ destination port as apposed to the 0xbee port that I am trying to listen too.
Further more, the destination port seems to increment on each transmission.

Any help would be appreciated

I have never hear or seen the module send data sample to a different port number. Never mind seen it increment that port number. I would strongly suggest that you reload the radio with the most current firmware using the XBee recovery function in XCTU.

I have reloaded the XBee with 2026 firmware and the problem still persists.

I can now see where the random port number is coming from, my application seems to select the next available port to send from but the destination port is still 0xbee. For some reason the XBEE is replying to the source port which the packet originates not the port which is set in the configuration.

I downgraded the firmware to 2021 and it seems to work fine, but for some reaosn this version does not seem to be stable on my network (all comms stop working) whereas 2026 firmware has had steady communication on the network (except this port problem)

If I recall, All ADC and DIO data goes to port BEE.

You may need to dig deeper into your app to find out why it keeps sending the data to the next port up.