Determining SN & Digi Model from command line

Hi Everyone… Wondering if anyone knows how to grab a DIGI’s serial number and/or model type (ie - 48 port, 32 port) from the command line? Or, if you know which file(s) the info is kept in, that would be helpful as well.


This really depends on the model. Some of our products this is possible with, some it is not.

Would you be able to post/attach a document listing how it’s done on the models it’s available on? If it helps, the vast majority of in our environment are 32-port & 48-port.

Thanks again,

This is possible with the Digi CM product line, which comes in 8, 16, 32, and 48 port densities.

Basically, when you login as root and run “configmenu” (CLI interface), you’ll see the serial number listed at the top of that menu (as well as model, date/time, IP mode, firmware revision, and the MAC and IP addresses).