dgrp_gui issue opensuse LEAP 15.1

Hi all,

We successfuly build DIGI drivers on an opensuse 15.1 LEAP, all seems to be OK but it’s imppssible to launch dgrp_gui interface.

Error in startup script: invalid command name “image”
while executing
"image create photo logo_icon
-file $dgrpFVals(dgrp_root)/dgrp.gif "
invoked from within
“set dgrpFVals(logo) [image create photo logo_icon
-file $dgrpFVals(dgrp_root)/dgrp.gif ]”
(file “/usr/bin/dgrp_gui” line 55)

Does anyone can help us to resolve this probleme ?


Did you try running it from the CLI?

dgrp_cfg_node init [tty ID] [Digi IP] [Number of ports]


dgrp_cfg_node init a 16

Not yet, because I compiled it in the plane :slight_smile:

I plane to do that on monday, but I don’t understand why the GUI don’t work, generaly it’s not the part who failed :slight_smile: