dgrp portserver driver on Fedora Core 2

I’m sorry if i missed some reading but…
We always used the portserver on an Opsenserver 5x server and are moving towards FC2, hence i tried to install the dgrp driver, and run into 2 problems.

  1. The install works for both tgz and rpm, but missing tk-8.xxx makes eg dgrp_gui fail on wish.
  2. Trying to add a node, the logscreen says;ERROR:couldn’t register node
    after loading the module, and trying to cat /proc/dgrp/config gives the error ; Illegal seek
    after which i’m pretty much stuck.

Trying to find some additional reading I came accross this forum so any help will be much appreciated.

The tcl/tk packages will need to be installed on your system in order to use the graphical interface. Here are some other package dependencies:


The error you are seeing when adding a node, could be a gcc compiler mis-match or a sign that you are using a newer 2.6.8+ kernel.

Check to see if the compiler matches your kernel:

gcc --version

more /proc/version

The gcc version will need to match. If they do, and you are using a newer 2.6.8+ kernel, please contact Digi Tech. Support for a beta driver that will work in the newer Red Hat kernels.

Thx for the fast reply, Indeed my gcc versions are correct, and i am using the 2.6.8-1 kernel.

So i restarted into 2.6.5, redid the install … works! :slight_smile:

So i could check for the Beta version, but since we will be running custom kernels, is there perhaps some kernel option i can add or remove in order for the 1.7 version to run correctly ?

Unfortunately, there are no kernel parameters that I am aware of that can be changed to get this driver to work.

I recommend obtaining the beta driver for the 2.6.8+ kernels, as it accommodates minor /proc changes done in those kernels.