Difference between 4 "Function Set" options for S3B XSC firmware?

I am working on a product using the DIGI Xbee S3B RF module. I need to get a replacement for a legacy system from ~2014/5.

The software running on the microcontroller uses AT commands which identifies it as running the XSC firmware. However, there are 4 different options under the XSC function set. I can’t find any documentation on what the difference is.

Does anybody know where I can find the difference between the 19200, 19200 920MHz, 9600, and 9600 920MHz “Function Set” options? I need to find the difference to figure out which one will be compatible with the old system.


The 19,200 and 9,600 refer to both the default baud rate and the over the air data rates the radio communicates at.

The 920 MHz function set options are for use in Australia only.

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This whole “modifying the explorer boards to get things to work” thing sounds really sketchy to me. I just got a set of XBees like this and was thinking of getting a usb explorer for it. Do the modifications actually fix things? Also, the product description says there is a solder jumper but some of the comments talk about removing a resistor, what specifically needs to be done in order to get things working? https://get-shareit.com

I’m not sure why you’re writing about modifying a board here. The original question was purely about configuration and firmware. No hardware mods going on here.