Digi CM32 for OOB Management?These Console Servers are 2-3K list price but used

Anybody using Digi CM32 for OOB Management? These Console Servers are 2-3K list price but used on ebay around $60. The new part number on Digi’s site is 70001908 but the used ones on eBay are 50000838-05. Anybody know the difference between the models?

I’m just looking to connect to straight through cables to my Cisco devices’ console ports and access the Digi via SSH from a separate internet circuit in the event of an outage. It looks like the used older model does everything that I’m looking for

I dont see any diffrence between them but this is not the correct place to ask as this is the cellular routers :slight_smile:

but i do have one of the 70001908 connected to some cisco switches / routers and works well the times i want console access