Digi connect ME 2 and TLS

Hi all,

I am having trouble to use the webui over a secured connection (port 443 TLS)
Webui works via HTTP and the option for HTTPS exists, but the TSL handshake does not come to a good end.

details of the firmware:
Model: Digi Connect ME
Firmware: (Version 82000856_F7 04/24/2017)
POST: 1.1.3 (release_82000867_H)

Can anyone help? thank you

>Firmware: (Version 82000856_F7 04/24/2017)
This firmware does not support TLS, try
Digi Connect 2MB ME EOS Firmware with new Treck TCP/IP Stack

Hi LeonidM,

I loaded the firmware and was able to disable port 80 for the webui.
The certificate in the digi is deprecated, but that is not so important.

Thank you!