Digi Connect ME Auto-MDIX on Web Interface


We have a Digi Connect ME with firmware V2.8.2 (Version 82001116_K 09/16/2008).

In the Digi Connect Familily User’s Guide (90000565_L) under “Advanced network settings” (page 82) it is written that we can set “Mode” to “auto”, “MDI” or “MDIX”.
If I open the Web interface for our device there is no possibility to choose the MDI setting.

Can you please tell me if Digi Connect ME is able to have Auto-MDIX and if yes, how to set this?

What is the default mode? We always had to use a crosover cable on a point to point connection where the other interface was not able to do Auto-MDIX.

Thanks and best regards,

The ME by default is:
speed: auto (tries 100Mbps and then tries 10Mbps if unsuccessful)
duplex: half

The ME doesn’t have MDIX abilities.