digi connect ME connection issue

We upgraded our network switches to gig switches, now we have intermittent connection between the Proxsafe server and the Digi Connect terminal.

As a test, I unplugged the port in the server room, connected it to an old 10/100 switch, and connected my laptop to the dumb switch. 100% connectivity when I pinged the IP of the Digi Connect terminal. So the issue is not the Ethernet cable.

Firmware: (Version 82001116_H1 02/21/2007)
POST: 1.1.3 (release_82000867_G)

What configurations should be set for the switch port, to fix the connection issue?

Thank you,


Do any of these gig switches support a manual configuration of 100 Mbit/sec / Full Duplex? If so, my initial suggestion would be to configure the port on the gig switch that way, and to configure the Digi Connect ME the same way, to see if that helps.