Digi One SP on a network

I have 6 Digi One SP units. All 6 get onto the network (ie, ethernet port light is green) when plugged into an ethernet port of a laptop or a netgear switch. None of them get onto the network (no lights on the ethernet jack) when plugged into a cisco managed switch. The cable is fine, as I used the same one for both switches. The switch is fine, as I can plug a laptop in and get on the network right away. I even tried an older SP One with an older version of firmware and it reacted the same way.
The switch port:
switchport access vlan 40
switchport mode access
speed 1000
duplex full

Any suggestions ?

Thank you…

I would try setting the network switch to 100 mb full or auto auto.

Can you test the units on a standard 10/100 mb router?

Apologies for the delay. The person making the change on the switch was a few time zones away. 100/Full worked and the Digi One is now on the network.