Digi One SP and Alcatel OmniSwitch

I can connect to a Digi One SP using an ethernet cable. However, when the connection goes through a switch, the behavior is strange.

I have three ports in the same VLAN without any special configuration: a Digi One SP and two stations on the same network.

When I do a ping from a station, the other responds. When I do a ping to Digi One SP, I have no answer. That changes when I put a static entry in the ARP table of any one of the stations with the MAC address of the Digi One SP (I get ping response from Digi One SP.

It is very strange, I do not know what might be happening.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any idea?

Thank you in advance!

Sounds like a routing issue where the stations do not know the route to the Digi One SP. Is there a gateway defined on the network?

All devices are on the same LAN, so I don’t think that is a routing problem.