Digi Connect Wi-EM Boot Time


i tried to reduce the boot time of my Digi connect Wi-EM with this : http://www.digi.com/support/kbaseresultdetl.jsp?id=943

But it seems that i can’t disable decompression of ROM like it is written, i have an error when trying to compile.

It is the only thing that i have not done. I followed the procedure.
I read that if the NAFastMemoryTest() function is disabled, it should reduce this boot time but it does not.

Do you have any suggestion for me to check what it is not done, or any other way to reduce boot time ?

Many thanks.

Best regards.

After making the specified changes did you rebuild the BSP and application? Did you upload both the new boot loader (src/bsp/platform/connectwiem/rom.bin) and application images (image.bin) into the Wi-EM?

What is the text of the error message you are getting, respective to disabling compression?

That knowledge base article contains all of the boot time reduction information, respective to NET+OS 6.3.

I have just gone through this article and can get the naftpapp example to an ‘on-the-network’ state in approximately 5 seconds.



i did rebuild the bsp and application.
I upload these two rom.bin and image.bin too.

This is my error for image.bin compilation :

Output file would be 1259980bytes, but the maximum size is 851968
make: *** [image.bin] Error 2

No problem to compile the bsp.

I have an application that uses 3 threads, and i have one which corresponding to naftpapp.

I tried to do this with NET+OS 6.0, will it work or is it specific to the 6.3 environment ?
I tried doing it with NET+OS6.3 but i have too many errors that i don’t have with the 6.0…

Do you have any idea?

Ah yes, I see the problem.

Edit your src/bsp/platforms/connectwiem/bootldr.dat file. At the end of this file is a line reading

MaxFileSize 0x0D0000

Double the hex value to 0x1A0000 (or 1.7MB). Rebuild the BSP and your application.

The article was written based on work done on NET+OS 6.3. While the modifications may work on 6.0, there are no guarantees.


Excellent !!!

Thank you very much, it works very well !!!

Finally i have more or less 5 seconds !

Best regardS.