Digi Etherlite 32 port

SCO OS5.0.5
Etherlite 32 port

When we login to port 0 on second etherlite server we get a successful login and password prompts. When we enter the information and hit enter, all it does is issue another login: prompt. Any Ideas???

Try testing out the port using cu (uucp).

Please an entry in /usr/lib/uucp/Devices file for the lower case (non-blocking) device:

Direct ttya01 - 9600 direct ttya01

The ā€œDā€ in Direct must be the first character on the line.

Next, change the ownership/group of the device:

chown uucp:uucp /dev/ttya01


cu -l /dev/ttya01 -s 9600

Anything typed on the cu connection will appear on the attached terminal, anything typed on the attached terminal will show up on the cu session.

If not, then there is the possibility the port, cable or terminal has a problem.

To rule these out, use the provided loopback plug in place of the terminal/cable and confirm that data typed in the cu session is echoed back on the cu session screen. If not, then the port is bad and Digi Tech. Support should be contacted.

Type ~. (tilde period) to exit the cu session.

I tried the cu and the terminal did not echo any of the characters I sent. I am requesting replacement from vendor. Thanks for your help.

Oh, you will need to disable getty before connecting using cu.