DIGi IX-30 Digi-remote status "disconnected" always after applying OpenVPN even once

I tested OpenVPN client setup on one IX-30 modem. The test was successful but i noticed that Digi-remote had stopped working and i could not figure out why.

I reset the whole device, tried different firmware, but even then digi-remote does not work, i just get “Disconnected” displayed.
I then took another ix-30 modem, where digi-remote was working, i setup OpenVPN and again it stopped working. I also reset the 2nd ix-30 router to factory settings and again digi-remote status = disconnected.

Both modems have internet connectivity and work flawlesly outside of this issue, i am afraid of setting up anymore VPN connections to our other modems if this bricks digi-remote functionality.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

What firmware version is in use with this device, and have you created a Tech Support case about the issue? Otherwise what are the last 6 digits of the IX30’s Device ID on Digi RM?

Hi, i have not opened a support ticket yet, thought id ask here first.
We have 3 devices that are affected by this issue now, i only have access to 1 at this moment.

Here are last 6 digits for the 1 i have access now: 5B90E6
This modem is on firmware version:, but we have at least one IX30 with the latest version with same issue.

I looked up your device on Digi Remote Manager. The reason why the device is showing as disconnected is this message: Disconnected (Device did not supply a valid certificate)

This message can occur when the network interfaces change in such a way that the connection certificate is deemed invalid. The following guidance should do the trick:


Can confirm this was the issue, thanks you.

Also, the device i provided the ID for started working without me having to do anything to it, so I am assuming you were able to reset the certificate for me on that device?

Hi Andreasni, thanks for your update. I took no actions on this end other than looking up your device and making the reply above, i.e. I made no changes. If your device connected on its own, my guess is it just took some time to get connected, or from changes you made on your end.

Glad to hear you’re up and running with your devices!