DIGI IX14 not working with some computer


I have set up my DIGI IX14 with a sim card, a correctly configured DHCP server, etc to give me access to the internet my the router. The problem is that on my computer I gain access to the internet and on some of my industrial pcs running ubuntu server 18.04 the ethernet led does not even blink. Sometimes I get it to work until reboot, after that I lose the connection. It’s like my DHCP config is not pushed to the industrial pc. I tried anything from resetting the modem to changing the bios and clean installing the pcs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Just so I understand the issue, the computer when directly connected to the IX14 works without issues; however, attaching a Ubuntu server instead the link fails. Is this correct?

If you can gather the following information and submit a case email to tech.support@digi.com for further investigation:

  1. The output of “ifconfig” on your Ubuntu server

  2. The complete topology of what we are working with

  3. If you can access the shell of the IX14, run the following command and provide the output:

ethtool eth0

  1. Provide a Digi Report and attach it to the email:

Once we have that, we will gladly look into it further!

Digi Technical Support Engineer