LAN9221 Driver


I am using Digi’s Wi-iMX51 module and Digi Embedded Linux 5.6. I have configured exterernal ethernet port by configuring ‘SMSC LAN911x/LAN921x families embedded ethernet support’ option in kernel configuration. I am trying to ping using this port (ETH1), I am not getting any reply from host. ETH0 is working fine. I have configured ip addresses in same range. Has anyone used this port? Am I missing any setting in kernel configuration?

Also datasheet “90001128_G.pdf” says that Ethernet 2 is having controller LAN9221. The option I found in kernel config is for LAN921x. Is LAN9221 required different driver than LAN921x? If yes, is there any patch to upgrade this driver?

Thanks & Regards,
Dinesh Rode