Looking for embedded code development for the ME9210-C

We need NET+OS embedded code development to enable a Digital ME9210-C to communicate on a LAN. Our interface to the 9210-C embedded ethernet module is via the device’s four serial control liners (TXD, RXD, CTS, RTS).

There is a sample app in C:
Per its’ readme file:
natcptoserial: Serial Tunnel Example Application.

This application is a simple example demonstrating how to very simply pass
data recieved on a serial port to a TCP socket connection as well as take recieved
TCP data and pass it to the serial port. The inbound TCP socket connection is established through
a third party tool or application such as Microsoft Windows telnet client or Hypterminal using a
Winsock connection. This application will only accept a single TCP socket connection at a time.

This application also demonstrates how to read and write to a serial port within a single
thread using the select() function.

This example should work on all development boards that have a serial port available.

Isn’t that what you need?

Thanks for the tip, Leonid.
Struggling to get this example up and running to test it out, though. The debugger keeps throwing a No Such Port: ‘COM1’ error. We set it back to COM5 (the available port on the PC) and something keeps setting it back to COM1 (which is not available on the PC).

A requirement just popped up related to our 9210 implementation. We are going to need to provide Digest (MD5) Authentication for some of our Client connections to distant Servers.

Is this achievable with the DigiME9210 Net+OS API? There seems to be Digest Auth support for Sever mode connections, but are these API capabilities useable for Client connections as well?