DIGI IX14 without ethernet access

I had update the firmware of my ix14 device through the webUI and after restarting I do not have ethernet access.
I have serial access but the commands don’t responde like user guide.

Digi/IX14 Version

Help please, JCG.-

Hi and welcome to Digi Forum!

In order to better investigate this issue, we would need some more details, and you should please send us an email to tech.support@digi.com for us to work on it.

Please check the below:

  • Is the the old firmware or the one you upgraded to?
  • Did the upgrade process show any error? Which file did you use?
  • Was there a particular configuration on the IX14 before the upgrade?
  • Have you tried to reset the IX14 to factory default using the button (https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90002291/default.htm#os/reset-to-factory-defaults-t.htm?Highlight=factory)? In particular, if you press and hold the RESET button and then power on the device it will boot to the version of firmware that was used prior to the current version. You can try that but maybe before try first the simple config factory reset (also explained in the above link) and see if it helps.
  • Could you please send a screenshot about the Serial connection configuration and output you get?
  • How are LEDs behaving?

With the above info we should be able to start troubleshooting on this to understand what is going wrong.


Digi Technical Support Team