Digi Neo 4 port

Using RJ45/DB25-Male-48" connector to US Robotics modems…Windows 2003 Terminal server. Using RRAS. Can dial into modem but modem never picks up to connect for authentication. Grrr…what am I missing? Any and all assistance greatly appreciated!

  1. Be sure you have driver version installed.

  2. Try setting up Hyperterminal to answer the call. Open the session and connect using the com # rather than the modem. When you have the session open, send an AT to the modem, verify you get an OK back, send an ATA to the modem so it will auto answer. (Note: if you don’t see any replies to the AT commands, send an AT E1 Q1 V1 to the modem and try again. If this does not work see this link for troubleshooting the port by using the loopback: http://search2.digi.com/support/kbaseresultdetl.jsp?id=457

  3. Place an inbound call to the phone number associated with the phone line connected to the modem attached to this com port. If the ring comes in and Hyperterminal answers the call, there is most likely an RRAS configuration problem or permissions problem.