Digi One IA trouble with RS-485 2 wire

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on getting a Digi One to work with 2 wire RS-485? or good testing methods?

The box works fine with RS-232 connected to a modem, but as soon as we switch it over to RS-485 and connect the real device it needs to talk to (a BinMaster measurement device) we get nothing at all.

2 wire is our only option on this device, and we’ve ruled out a problem with the BinMaster device by trying more than one (both new).

Connected to:
pin 3 TxD+
pin 4 TxD-
pin 5 GND

Dip Switch Settings:
sw1 = off
sw2 = off
sw3 = on
sw4 = on/off (tried both)

I’ve also tried it with termination on and off on the BinMaster device. And there is only one device on the wire for our testing- and it’s a very short wire.

When you turn on the Digi, many of the serial port diagnostic leds come on for a few seconds, but after that the entire serial port side of the diagnostic leds stays out.
Thanks! :slight_smile: