Digi One SP through two firewalls

I have bought a Digi One SP and I have connected it to my modem. I want to “map” this COM port through the internet and therefore also through two firewalls.

Scenario - I have placed my Digi One SP in one location (place 1), behind a firewall and the IP address is NAT’ed. I have also placed my server on another location (place 2), behind a firewall and also NAT’ed.

I want to receive incoming calls from place 1 to my software on my server at place 2.

I can not even setup the driver at the server, so I guess it has something to do with the ports at the firewall, as the configuration works fine inside the locale net at place 1.

What ports have to be opened where? Right now I have opened port 771,2000,2001,2101 at the place 1 firewall and all outgoing traffic is allowed outside place 2 firewall.

What to do?

Are you able to communicate with the Digi unit from the “place 2” server (i.e. telnet, ping, etc…)? If not, it there would appear to be a routing or firewall problem.

If you are able to telnet or ping the unit from your server, check the driver connectivity next. The driver will use the 771 socket to communicate with the unit.

To confirm communication and accessibility, try connecting to the socket from your server (place 2):

telnet (ip_of_digi) 771

Likewise, from your Digi One SP prompt:

#> telnet (ip_of_server) 771

If you get connected, the driver should connect also. If you get denied, it would indicate that the socket is blocked in the firewall.