Digi One TS

Hi there,
I use a Digi One TS Port server with an event recorder in a generating plant of a power station. The event recorder previously delivered its RS-232 output to a Digital Corporation VT220 terminal, but now the Digi One TS receives this signal and sends IP packets on the 100 Mbit/s LAN. Data can be seen on ONE PC at a time in a HyperTerminal session without trouble. The Digi One TS is configured with the Real Port Profile. How can I configure the Digi One TS, so that several PC´s on the network can see the same data at the same time ?
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First of all, make sure your Digi One TS has the latest revision of firmware. You can get that here:


Once on the latest version of firmware, you’ll be able to enable port sharing (refer to the “set sharing” command in the Command Reference found at that link for syntax). The maximum number of clients allowed to share a port simulaneously is 4.


I am with the latest firmware version, and when I enter set ?, I can’t see the sharing command.
Do you know why ?

Tanks for your help

Are you on the 82000747_N firmware? According to the release notes that version of firmware added it.

Please call Technical Support if you’re on that version and it isn’t working for you.