Sharing ports with Digi PortServer TS 4

Hi everyone I have the following Digi Portserver TS 4 but am unable to share ports as the “set share” command is missing even though I have the latest flash. Can anyone advise. Much appreciated in advance.

Model: PortServer
Type: TS 4
Firmware version: Version 82000716_L2 04/11/2011
IP address:
MAC address: 00:40:9d:xx:xx:xx
My name: DIGI
CPU Utilization: 3%
Up time: 17 hours 40 minutes 29 seconds

Since you are running 82000716, that means you have what Digi calls a “legacy” product, which is cheap but doesn’t have enough RAM or FLASH to do all that the normal TS4 does (which runs firmware 82000747).

So I’d hazard to guess that port sharing isn’t supported since that’s a fairly memory intensive function.

Is this a new purchase, or something you’ve had for years?

It doesn’t help that both products are called “Port Server TS” on the web site - but the newer/better one is “PortServer TS 1/2/4”.