Digi PortServer TS 16 Devices, 122, Centralized Script for Administration

Hello, All:

I provide systems administration to 122 newly implemented Digi PortServer TS 16 devices in a Linux RHEL 5.6 environment, primarily using SSHv2 Tectia Client for access.

I’m looking to create a script that can help me with administration and perform changes to all Digi’s at once. For example, change the SNMP server destination on all Digi PortServers at once instead one at a time.

Digi International has this sample Perl script; however, I don’t want to install Net::Telnet for security reasons. http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=909

Due to enhanced security and perhaps still provide me with the system administration assistance that I need, I installed perl module, Net::SSH::Expect.

**Does anyone have experience with scripts to perform centralized/mass changes on Digi PortServer TS 16 devices?

**Does anyone have sample perl scripts on Net::SSH::Expect?

Your assistance to this matter is greatly appreciated,

Thank you - Isaias