Digi PortServer

I ran into an interesting issue that I can’t seem to explain. I am running a digi PortServer TS1 to convert a rs232 signal to IP. I am taping a custom weigand signal, converting it to rs232, then pushing it to an IP address using TCP Services.

When the Port is set to 80 the traffic comes across as a malformed gif packet with the correct information in the payload. when I set the port to anything other than 80 (8080, 23, 4242, 2121, so on) I do not get the payload information delivered to the destination IP address.

Destination machine has AV turned off and Firewall turned off for the purpose of this test. I am running wireshark to pull the information off the network adapter with a ip.src filter being set to the IP of the PortServer.

There are no errors on the PortServer and it is showing the data being recieved in the PortServer Logs. I am using RAW as the type and all other settings besides the destination is defaulted. I am also on the most current version of firmware(Version 82000747_V1 02/06/2012).
I really need to find out what I am missing. The payload is a simple 10 digit number that needs to be delivered to a custom application using port 4242.

Any thoughts on helping me troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated.

You don’t explain enough for me to understand how the TS1 is configured.

I guess that you have a TCP Sockets profile, and are using the ‘Automatically establish TCP connection’ settings to target a remote IP.

If the port 80 arrived mangled, then to me it sounds like you have a proxy or other network infrastructure intefering, as they often rewrite port 80.

Have you tried the simplier case of using telnet or hyperterminal from the PC to access your data on port 2101 of the Ts1?