Digi Transport WR21: RCL stops working after upgrading FW to 5269


I’ve been using RCI to communicate. However, I recently upgraded the firmware to ver. 5269 and all of a sudden all my RCI queries are not working anymore.

Does anyone know what’s going on? Is there a fix or workaround available?


This was removed in 5269 as our Device Cloud client was migrated from using XML RCI to binary RCI.

We plan to restore support for RCI (XML) over HTTP in the 528x release usning a binary RCI to XML convertor.

You can roll back to 5246 if RCI over HTTP is required.

This is not entirely correct. There will not be local access to RCI Binary locally on the TransPort. There will, however, be a new ‘device information’ module in python that will allow users to reconfigure the device, check status, etc, like they used to in RCI. There are also discussions around building an RCI XML to this new ‘device information’ module, although nothing is finalized at this time.

Today, the recommendation is to migrate code to use the sarcli module and use CLI commands to do the work needed.