Digi Usb Anywhere and usb eicon diva isdn modem

I’ve tried to use a diva isdn usb modem with a usb anywhere connected to a w2k3 vmware server. The device is recognized and installed, also the diva tools work, so I can diagnose the modem and line. However when I dial out the connection is made but the usb anywhere concentrator is immediately disconnected. It looks like it reboots. After this the usb anywhere hub is in status “connecting to this server”. I’ve run the digi tool to check if the modem should be compatible and the outcome is positive. I’m wondering if it is a power supply problem. Can someone help me with this?

Kind regards,


Hi Dave,

ISDN modems aren’t commonly used with the AnywhereUSB so we haven’t gotten much feedback on how well they should work. With that being said, right now it’s difficult to say with any certainty what the cause of the issue is. It sounds like there’s something particular about that ISDN modem that’s causing the AnywhereUSB to reboot. We have heard of some regular USB modems causing that issue but the exact cause of that issue was never diagnosed.

I suggest opening a support case with Digi. Be sure to include the serial number of your AnywhereUSB and the AnywhereUSB firmware and driver versions. We’ll probably start with the basics and get the firmware and drivers updated for starters (you may want to try that on your own if you know how) to see if that changes the behavior.

USB modems are incompatible with AUSB.
Refer to KBase article