Digi XB24-B and Netvox Communication


I want to know how we can make Digi module(XB24-B or XB24P-B) Module to communicate with Netvox Zigbee Device… Netvox Devices are:

Z302G Sensor
Z811 On/Off Unit
Z202C Coordinator.

Thanks in Advance…


I can only offer a few general tips as I haven’t worked with Netvox.

use ZB firmware instead of znet 2.5. Znet is 5 years old and is not being actively improved. ZB is. You can load ZB by the digi XCTU program -> ‘modem configuration’ tab -> modem: XBEE = XB24-ZB. press ‘show defaults’, check ‘always update firmware’, and press ‘write’ button. Make sure you’ve got the baud = 9600 and non-api mode. This is at ‘pc settings’ tab.

with ZB firmware there is the ZS command. you may need to change it to 1 (Zigbee 2006 mode) or 2(zigbee PRO mode). by default it’s 0 (digi header on top of Zigbee). 1 and 2 are more compatible friendly to non digi vendors.

you also will need to make sure the pan ID and channel values line up. sleep and encryption settings (SM & EE) will need to match as well.

good luck,