Digimesh fails after 3 to 4 days

I’m currently using Digimesh networking in a non-sleeping environment with directed transmissions.

One of my users installed a module close to a contactor circuit for a 3-phase 30kW pump. The system works when powered on but occasionally suffered from failed transmissions, particularly when the pump was running. Since this would appear to be an interference problem, the module was moved away from the contactor, and communication improved markedly.

However, after about 4 days, the radio stopped responding. From repeated observations of this behaviour, restoration of the network could be achieved by power cycling any module in the network. The network was also restored by temporarily adding another module to the network. This added module was definitely out of range of the affected module, but the action of adding it (a Node Ident is transmitted) restored the network.

Notwithstanding that the modules shouldn’t be close to noisy contactors, are there any recommended recovery procedures to follow if modules loose connectivity. At the moment I am considering that if a regular ‘heartbeat’ transmission is not seen, a reset signal is applied to the module and it is setup as if just powered on.

All of the documentation seems to assume that once the radios are networked then nothing goes wrong. My modules are active 24/7, and in this particular case, is a 10hr round trip drive away.