digimesh module stop transmitting without any error

We use about 5 rf module with Digimesh protocole (0x804B). These modules send GPS data periodically (every 5s with a variable delay).
The experiment works well for a few days…and after these few days, some RF modules stop transmitting but don’t say that they don’t emit : no error.
It is possible to communicate with these modules thanks to the UART :
RF status : some TX or RX errors (sometimes more than 65k) but it s quite normal after few days
ND : no other module

We don t use sleeping devices

As soon as we soft-reset one of these modules all is OK

Is there a known bug in the firmware 0x804B ?

8067 is the newest firmware. try that:

if you still have trouble, does removing nodes help?

another option is to reduce your sample frequency. I’d try 60 seconds or so. Your network might be getting conjested from retransmissions or something like that.