DigiMesh + parallel download. (900HP)


I would like to know what is the recommended way to perform parallel download on a DigiMesh network.

I’m using the XBEE module in transparent mode.
(XBEE 900 HP for America or 868LP in Europe)

Let’s says that I have a garage parking filled with busses and I what to extract daily data from these busses over DigiMesh. To download the fleet faster, we installed two USB XBEE RF modules (‘base station’) on both sides of the garage parking.

To perform a download, we are using XModem file transfer between the base station and each buses. If needed, one or two hops may be made to reach a bus and perform the transfer.

Right now, each base station is setting ATDH/ATDL to the remote bus before the download. Also, the target bus changes its ATDH/ATDL to the base station which is requesting the download.

As of now, this configuration is working but all transfers happens on the same ATHP. (Ex: ATHP 0)

However with this configuration, two transfers could occurs at the same time on the mesh network with the same ATHP. Does it have an impact on the speed ? Is the DigiMesh made to transfer data on the same AT HP or is it better to use 2 different AT HP channel ?

However, I tried to change ATHP on the remote and base station but then I cannot communicate with the device if the transfer is making hops to reach the remote device.

So it is possible to use AT HP with DigiMesh ?
Do I also have to change AT HP of all the devices between the target (buse) and the base station ?

What is the recommended way to perform parallel downloads. over the DigiMesh ?
What setting should I changed (ATDH, ATDL, ATHP ?)
Is there any other parameters that I can change to make sure the transfer is faster/efficient ?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


Yes it would be better to have two different networks using different channels. Just understand that all nodes in the two networks would have to have their respective HP values.

That is network 1 would have an HP of 1 and all nodes in network 2 would have an HP value of 2. Thus includes routers. Just understand that a given router can only be in one network or the other.

In addition to the settings you mentioned, I would suggest setting the NH and BH values accordingly as well.