IP over xbee 900


I want to transmit images captured by a raspberry camera to a main computer over XBEE 900 HP network (DigiMesh 200k protocol). Is that possible ? Are there any devices that introduce IP over DigiMesh ? Any other options ?

I already have the 900 HP DigiMesh network established.

Transmitting data serially would be complicated because images are large and i’ll have multiple devices transmitting at same time.

Hello Bruno,

While it is possible to transfer large files over a DigiMesh network, you will need to have your own application protocol running to make sure transmitted data is received and recombined properly. This was done using X, Y and Z modem protocols back in the day of dial-up.

You may be able to use such protocols in conjunction with the 900HP.

The 900HP modem is strictly a serial radio.

I don’t think you will be able to do this with multiple radios sending data simultaneously.

I will continue to think about other ways this might be possible.

Good luck.


The 200K protocol is the RF side. Expect a lot lower on the throughput side.

This is also the total bandwidth not between two devices. This means that if you have multiple devices at one time then you are cutting down the bandwidth even more.

As Rocker said, these are radios only that can transmit serial data. You would need a layer above that to present something easier such as IP. I would suggest looking into https://github.com/XBeeInternetGateway/XIG which might help you.

That or even a simple PPP setup (remember dial up internet, if you are old enough to remember that, is PPP as well).

Also, put some software on the PI that will compress that image as much as possible.

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Thanks. I’ve already implemented XMODEM transfer thru 900HP in one of my applications, but in that case i was able to control when the data transfer occurred (used to update firmware of my system). Now i’ll have multiple devices transmitting data asynchronously, so i need to be able to manage it more easily.

Thanks. That’s exactly what i was thinking, some way to introduce IP over DigiMesh. I’ll take a look over PPP.
Bandwidth is not a problem. Each end device will probably transmit the images only once per day. So i have plenty of time to complete a single file transfer, doesn’t matter if it takes 20 hours (except for battery usage).