XBee 900HP Transparent Mode / LabVIEW drop-out

I had been using XBee-Pros for two years with good results. I was transmitting 1024-byte packets from an embedded board to a USB-Laptop adaptor with an XBee-Pro in it. I was collecting the data with LabVIEW. It was working great. But I can’t make it work with 900HPs.

It’s transmitting small packets from the LabVIEW-laptop to the embedded board okay. But many of the packets sent the other way from embedded board to the laptop have chunks of missing data. The received packets often have only 800 or 900 of the 1024 bytes. Some packets chopped off at the end, some have chunks missing from the middle. I’ve tried 57600, 114200, and 230800 baud, same symptoms in all cases. I’ve tried different delays before and after packets with the same symptoms.

The old XBee-Pros worked best at 57600. 114200 would glitch-out if there were multiple zeros in a row (something that Digi never fully addressed, and there were others on this forum who ran into it too). But I can’t get these HPs to work with any of those baud rates, even without any zeros in the packets.

…update: Evidence is mounting that the XBee 900HP is not compatible with the USB adapter cable. LabVIEW does not appear to be the problem because I’m getting the same kinds of dropped data with X-CTU as LabVIEW. The same USB adapter cable works fine with my old XBee-Pro 900MHz modules, but not with the 900HP.

Scratch that. Digikey sent me the DigiMesh version instead of the P2P. I’m guessing that it’ll work fine with the P2P.

Don’t scratch this - still doesn’t work. I loaded the P2MP firmware into and I still get drop-out data. It’s even worse - it forced me to drop down to 10Kbps throughput and I still get the same kinds of dropped data.

It’s on the transmit side. I’m watching the RF transmissions on a specAn. I send a packet of 512 bytes to an old XBeePro and it transmits immediately, all done 50ms after the last byte goes into Din. I swap out the old XBeePro for a new 900HP, send the exact same setups (including ATRO0) and data packet at 9600bps, and it takes FIVE FULL SECONDS to finish sending the packet, and it’s full of drop-outs.

Has anyone successfully used a 900HP in transparent mode?