Digital Line Passing

So I have two 802.15.4 (Series 1) XBees, Module A and Module B. I have a PIR (motion) sensor attached to D4 of Module B, and would like to have the state reflected on Module A. The PIR sensor will bring the input high when there’s motion.
My configuration for Module A is:
IA - 0xffff
MY - 1234
D4 - Output Low (3)

My configuration for Module B is:
IT - 1
DH - 0
DL - 1234
D4 - DI (Input)
IC - 0x02

I am not seeing the pin change on Module A when Module B D4 goes high, am I missing something?

My cabling for Module B is +3v to VCC, VSS to negative, and D4 wired to output of PIR. For Module A I am using a SeeedStudios shield that only connects the D0 - D7 pins to my Arduino UNO. I am supplying +3v separately because I am also using an Ethernet shield which doesn’t pass the power from the ISC header with VSS connected to ground.