Directly connecting two Maxstream Xtend modems together...

Question… I’m looking to test a few Xtend modems out but I do not want to transmit RF. Is it possibly to directly connect two (2) Xtend modems together via coax and a few attenuators? And if so, how much attenuation would I need? I might not be able to adjust one of the modems output (<1watt) so I might have to attenuate 1w of energy between the 2 modems.


I asked Digi Tech Support about this; here is their response:

We do not recommend cabling the antenna ports directly. However if you do, then it is best to set the Power level command to 0 (1mW) and add about 60dB or more of attenuation to the cable.

Eric Flanders
Digi Technical Support

If you do not want to transmit RF… why dou you need RF modems?. If you have both modems close enough, you can even use then without an antenna attached, or use a small whip tail antenna.