What is the maximum authorized power of the receiver?

Hello ,

I want to use 3 XB24CDMSIT-001 modules and have them communicate with each other.
They will be connected together with an sma cable (with splitter) or they will each have an antenna
(A24-HASM-450 (2.1dbi).

Should I use an attenuator or can the receiver handle 8dbm (boost mode)?

If you are going to cable two modules together, then you must use attenuators to reduce the power output considerably.

Thank you for your answer but in order to compute the attenuator i need to know the maximum power that the receiver can handle. And i didn’t find this information in the XB24CDMSIT-001 datasheet.

Digi does not list the maximum RF input level for connecting with a cable. This is something you really should email tech support about at technical.support@digi.com Make sure you include the full part number and exactly what it is you are trying to do.

Thank you very much for your answers and your quick responses.