strange behavior with XTend modem in point-to-point scheme

Hi Digi forum,

We have using the XTend modems since 3 years ago, with great results. But now we see a strange behavior in a new project, which is a simple point-to-point scheme:

-we have 2 points to be communicated via a wireless link (using the XTend modems)

-each point has a Xtend modem, which has been configurated in transparent mode and works with a 1-watt output

-each point has a Controller card

-on point called “A” is the “master”, and the second point called “B” is the “remote”

-the point B is located 400meters/437feet away from point A

They work in this way:

-the point A will send a query to the point B. The point A sends queries every 100ms (miliseconds), and each query is a packet of 20 Bytes length.

-the point B is only waiting the queries from A. So each time the point B recieves a packet from A, reads the packet, extract the query and sends an answer to A.

The problems we have is that this scheme are:

A) we have 70% of queries answered. We think that it must be around 99% because the 2 points are close
What do you recommend us to check or verify to improve this communication link?

B) we have used the XT09 (old xTend model), with 70%.
Which settings do you recommend for this scheme?

C) We also tried to use the XTP9B (new xTend model) with the same results 70%, but sometimes the new modems are blocked and requieres a reset (turn-off and turn-on).
Which settings do you recommend for this scheme, with XTP9B?

Best Regards,

Lower the power level to the lowest setting possible. You may simply have too much power for the distance overloading the front end.