Disable suspend feature in Digiport Configuration Utility for Digi Edgeport/4 UB to Serial hub

To provide some background of the issue:
We are utilizing the Digi Edgeport/4 USB to Serial hub terminated to a Windows 7 workstation. The workstation is running a middleware software called DataCaptor by CapsuleTech which is used to collect data from an anesthesia gas cart and patient vitals monitor for data flow into our Electronic Medical Record system in a surgical suite environment. We have the anesthesia gas cart and patient vitals monitor (GE Carescape model B650) connected to two separate serial ports on the Digi Edgeport/4. We have experienced sporadic disconnects of the Carescape B650 where patient vitals data no longer flows through the Digiport and the fix is to unplug the USB to serial connection on the back of the Carescape and reconnect which restores the data flow.

The engineering team for GE has reviewed the issue and responded back with a question on whether the Digi Port has a sleep mode or an inactivity shut down feature. We are only experiencing this issue with the Carescapes and not the anesthesia gas cart which is plugged into a separate port on the same Digi Edgeport/4 hub.

What information can you provide on the “Disable Suspend” feature found within the Digiport Configuration Utility which is installed on these Windows 7 workstations??

Hmm, this setting doesn’t appear to be well documented. I’ll see if I can find out more info.

Curious - have you already tried toggling it, to see if it helps regarding your issue?

Thanks for the response. Honestly, we have not tried that yet as the available documentation on the feature is minimal and we have concerns on the impact to the environment. We’d like to better understand the ramifications before proceeding…ie. only the Carescape vitals monitor is impacted currently, but any changes could potentially impact the data flow to the anesthesia gas cart as well. I’d appreciate it if you could find further info on the feature.


OK, I’ll see if I can get more info on this for you.

Hello Jeremym - I just wanted to check and see if you were able to find any additional info on the “Disable Suspend” feature?

I haven’t been able to get a good answer yet, but I did notice that, if you click the first “Tell Me More” button, within the Advanced tab of the Edgeport Configuration Utility, it has a short paragraph about this feature.

Where it says “Ti” based products, that refers to the chipset of the Edgeport. Current Edgeports (being manufactured and sold today) are all Ti-based, and older Edgeports are what are called 930-based.

It would probably make sense to see if your Edgeport/4 is Ti (compatible with this feature) or 930 (where this feature would not be relevant). What’s the 50xxxxxx part number and revision (usually a single letter that follows) of your unit?

Quick question - is the computer in question (that has the Edgeport attached) configured to go to Sleep? Does it ever got to Sleep (Sleep, not Hibernation)?

PN:(1P) 50000787-01 G is the part number. We have 36 of these units in our environment.

P/N 50000787-01 uses the newer/current Ti chipset, so that means that this option is “compatible” with your Edgeports.

I found out that this feature is only applicable if/when the computer Sleeps (is Sleeping), so that’s why I asked if your computers Sleep or not. If they don’t sleep, then toggling this option won’t have any effect.