Digi Edgeport/1 causes BSOD on a virtual Windows 7 each time a user disconnects/reboots


Zero PCoIP client Dell P25 (firmware 4.8) with Digi Edgeport/1 USB-to-Serial redirection on VMware View 6.2.0 generates BSOD each time a user disconnects/reboots VMs :

STOP 0x00000050

Epson TM-295U SLIP Printer are connected to the USB-to-Serial adapter

Looks like the Digi driver doesn’t release process/handle when disconnecting.

Latest Digi driver version in use (http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=2628)

This behavior doesn’t occurs on physical desktop

Any ideas or views? Thank you

You might want to try the latest beta candidate:


This addresses a BSOD issue, although I do not know if it is the same issue you are seeing. If this does not work, I suggest reaching out to Digi Tech. Support.


Beta drive does not detect Digi edgeport
V5.70 dectects ok

The problem was finally with the Status Monitor installed by Epson
Under Advanced Port Configuration for ESD port, select Do Not Monitor and voila!

Thank you for your time

Thanks for sharing the fix with us.