VMWare ESX 3.5 + Win2003 + DigiAnywhereUSB + Alladin HASP key = BSOD

Hi all;

I get a BSOD every few days (no rule here, usually every 4 days, but sometimes form 3 to 8). System is being crashed by USB hub virtual driver as can be seen on the attached screen grab.

I tried upgrading drivers from 1.5 to recent 2.7 but it didn’t help. There are screen grabs of my Win2003 version and of currently installed drivers. My AnywhereUSB hub is PN 301-2130-01. I’d be glad for suggestions for dealing with this problem.

Try this new driver and let me know if it helps or not:


First, uninstall the existing driver by clicking “View / Driver Information / Uninstall” and reboot the PC (the VM) when prompted. Then run setup.exe from the folder where the .zip file was extracted.

Well it has taken some time to test these drivers but unfortunately they haven’t helped. BSODs are still occurring like with previous driver version.

Please configure the VM for a “Complete” memory dump and then upload that memory dump to our FTP site the next time the BSOD happens.

Then put the v2.70 driver back on the VM and get another memory dump when the BSOD happens again, and also upload it.

Host name: ftp://ftp1.digi.com
Username: austin
Password: !15st3n!

Create a folder called “Greg_B” to upload the files to, and reply here as they are uploaded.

Allright, I’m working on supplying you with memory dumps you asked. In the meantime I have two screen grabs from driver information windows - one from my not working setup, and the other from almost identical setup (except for AnywhereUSB driver/firmware version, vm client security policies setting and VM host hardware) that works without problems. Perhaps this can provide additional insight.


I have memory dumps you were asking for prepared for uploading, but I’d rather not upload them on openly accessible FTP account. Please email me with credentials to some other FTP account I can upload them to.

I’m not sure how feasible that is, but I’ll look into it.

In the meantime, how about trying that older v1.80 AnywhereUSB driver on the problematic VM, in order to see if the issue is perhaps related to the new v2.70 driver?


You should first uninstall the existing (v2.70) driver by clicking View / Driver Information / Uninstall. You’ll need to reboot the VM afterwards when prompted.

OK, we’ll try out the 1.8 drivers but we don’t have much hope in them solving the problem. Please remember we’ve had the same symptoms with 1.5 (came with the box), 2.7 and 2.72.

Waiting for info on uploading memory dumps.

Your “working” system is running 1.80, according to that screen cap, so I figured it was worth a try.

Please add your e-mail address to your profile and make it public, then I’ll contact you via e-mail to arrange a way to get the files.

Here you go. I thought an administrator can see it anyway.