DNS issue with 'time.etherios.com'. Would this prevent the modem from connecting to the EE network?

WR41v2 still using ‘time.etherios.com’ for NTP time sync has DNS issues with this site (‘dns query failed on [time.etherios.com]’). Would this prevent the modem from connecting to the EE network?

Can’t login to it because it is in a remote location. Breifly came back online on Sunday so I seen the message, but didn’t do anything else.


having the correct time does not stop cellular module from connecting to the provider.

Time.Etherios.com should be changed to Time.devicecloud.com

would need to see what was in the eventlog to see what is happening


A bad time won’t stop a cell connection, but it can prevent SSL/TLS from working - if the cert validity time is strictly enforced. If the cert is only valid from 2010 to 2020, then having a system time of 1970 should block successful cert validation - if it doesn’t the security layer is flawed.

Coralyn, don’t worry there! We definitely validate certificates and their validity periods.

Time.etherios.com should be changed to time.digi.com as all the domain was sold and moved to digi.com .

Also change the Cloud to rm.digi.com
cloud 0 server rm.digi.com from the CLI

you could add a redirect to your DNS to forward all traffic from time.etherios.com to time.digi.com and this will work as well .

Hi if you install the latest firmware on the transport range the correct entrys are

cloud 0 server my.devicecloud.com - RM cloud settings
sntp 0 server time.devicecloud.com - SNTP settings