Do DigiMesh nodes/routers search for the correct channel automatically?

I’m looking to set up a network of nodes for a building automation project. All the nodes will be on all the time and because I want to send messages every few seconds none of the nodes will sleep.

I’m a little worried about channel allocation because when the system will be configured the building will be empty. Then people will move into their apartments and most will have a WiFi router.

If I understand things correctly, Zigbee Mesh will do what I want and will automatically search to find the correct channel of the coordinator. Using DigiMesh I could get the coordinator (a known node) to search regularly for the best channel and then rely on all the nodes finding it.

Does DigiMesh work the same way? The docs aren’t clear (to me). It looks like each node has the channel number as one of its settings - so it sounds if I was not joined to a network I’d have to search all the possible channels to fine one then check it was the right one (ie with the router node to my control system) instead of just a collection of other similar nodes all looking for the right node.

If I don’t care about sleeping routers or interoperability is there much difference between Zigbee Mesh and DigiMesh? The channel searching makes me think Zigbee might be a better solution (plus the modules are slightly cheaper).


No Digi mesh does not do a scan channel and channel selection. That part is left up to you to perform using the AC, SC and CH commands.

Yes there are differences in ZigBee and Digi Mesh. Zigbee is a international standard where as Digi Mesh is not. Zigbee is a tree type mesh where as Digi Mesh is a true peer to peer mesh.

The channel scanning function you are referring to only occurs upon network configuration on the first power up. Once the network is formed, it will not change channels unless told to do so form an outside source.