Do S3B-900HP Programmable CW libraries exist for the more modern OLED displays?

At this point in time, do S3B-900HP Programmable CW libraries now exist for the more modern OLED displays? I see the example project, char_lcd_demo, but I’d like to use a more modern, higher resolution / color display OLED like the SSD1306, whereas that one seems to be geared towards a HD44780 type of system.

In this thread below, there is mention of just trying to compile source from other projects into one’s own IDE, in my case CodeWarrior 10.2. Another user also suggests doing it in MicroPython instead of C. (I currently do everything in C):

In another thread below, one user mentions use of a simple I2C interface/breakout for getting access to a modern OLED/eINK type display:

If not, would I be better off switching to the Python IDE or finding an open source repo and trying to compile it in CW?


No the XBee SDK would not have an updated lib.